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Exploring The World - David de Rothschild - Voyager

In today’s post on explorers, we are focusing on a man who does not use his wealth as an excuse to be stagnant, even being the youngest heir to his family’s banking fortune. He has vast adventure experience. In the year 2006, he was the youngest British citizen to ever reach both geographical poles after spending 100 days crossing the Arctic from Russia to Canada. Actually, before that, he had been part of a team that has the record for the fastest crossing of the Greenland ice sheet, and he is one of only 14 people to ever cross Antarctica.

The man is named David de Rothschild, Voyager.

David de Rothschild’s motive is to raise awareness about various environmental issues that are threats to the world’s natural wonders. He is named one of the “Adventurers of the Year” by National Geographic Magazine. One of his trips was the Pacific Ocean crossing, “Plastiki”. His transportation was a catamaran made almost entirely of recycled plastic material. The catamaran’s batteries are powered by solar energy which charges Plastiki’s electrical components. Fresh water was also made possible by a small onboard desalination device. The purpose behind the exploration was to visit and study “Plastic Island,” a floating swath of garbage that has accumulated in the mid-Pacific Ocean, believed to be double the size of the state of Texas.

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