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Exploring The World - Charles Post - Ecology Evangelist

He has a hard time describing what he does for a living. He is an ecologist, a filmmaker, writer, photographer, and founder of a non-profit organisation. Through his various work, he connects people with the natural world around them.

The man is none other than Charles Post, the Ecology Evangelist who connects people with nature.

His mission led him to start up the The Nature Project, which partners with professional athletes, to teach underserved kids about the joys of the outdoors. It is also why he has directed many award-winning films about raptors and bighorn sheep! Even his Instagram profile is designed to get people excited about nature. Regardless of the project he works on, it all aims to develop a deeper relationship with nature and to share it with people. His advice for people would be to take a closer look around - find the names of the animals we see, study five animals that frequent your home area, etc. You will be amazed by the joy such knowledge will spark.

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