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Exploring The World - Brian Kakuk - Underwater Cave Explorer

He is a huge personality in the diving community and went for some of the world's most impressive dives. His home is the Bahamas. He explores shipwrecks and discovers animal fossils in caves that most people do not know of or have forgotten. Though, his main passion is actually navigating the rocky and vast tunnels of the Bahamas blue holes.

The man is no other than Brian Kakuk!

He dived through holes that were as deep as 103 meters and explored the expansive networks of more  than 1,000 holes. Only less than 20 percent of the blue holes have been mapped worldwide. Diving into blue holes is life threatening as one can lose their navigation, get trapped and die from the dive. Or face an unknown creature that attacks! Brian Kakuk demonstrated courage to explore the unknown and that has earned him respect amongst fellow divers.

Despite of the risk, the essence of courage defines an explorer. Making calculated risk decisions can be a matter of life and death. Some basic tools and a reliable watch to keep track of time when you are deep diving in unknown places can help you make smart decisions underwater.  The TWELF-X OCEAN watch features a 120 click unidirectional bezel which ensures that time is kept accurately. Moreover, the watches are water-resistant up to 200 meters which makes them suitable for this kind of diving exploration!

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