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Exploring The World - Andrzej Bargiel - Big Mountain Skier

A professional freeskier and climber who became the first person to descend the world's second tallest mountain, K2, by skis in 2018. K2 was thought impossible to ski by many and he was the man who changed everyone’s perception.

The man is no other than Andrzej Bargiel!

At the K2, there are one or two steep sections which Andrzej had to pass through at the best time to ensure safety as that will affect the snow. He also had to be wary of any avalanches. and seracs (ice blocks) falling on his head. The heat from the sun is a key factor as it would warm the ice and become dangerous to attempt this ski. This expedition was commended as a new chapter for mountaineering and ski exploration throughout the Himalayan Mountains.

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