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Exploring The World - Andrew Skurka - Alaska-Yukon Explorer

Famous for overcoming the obstacles of the Arctic’s winter in the Alaska-Yukon region. Known to traverse on skis for over 1,000 miles along the Iditarod Trail and in the Alaska Range while covering the remaining 74% of the journey via hiking and rafting. This man also explores the unruly country known for its bears, snow, and raging rivers. Traveling light was key to finishing his journey and his raft was known to weigh a mere 4.5 pounds.

The man is no other than Andrew Skurka.

The Alaska-Yukon Expedition (AYE) was his most recent and perhaps boldest expedition yet! Despite being an experienced explorer, Andrew Skurka said that the AYE made him more fearful than all his previous trips combined. There was once he went over 650 miles without another human in sight. The risk of an accident was high while the lack of help made this a nerve-wracking and stressful journey for him. After 176 days, he was the first person to complete the route.

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