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Exceptional Hiking Sites: Half Dome, California, USA



Half Dome is a granite dome in Yosemite National Park, California, at the eastern end of Yosemite Valley. It's a well-known rock formation in the park, named after its unique shape. One side has a sheer face, while the other three are smooth and round, giving the impression that the dome has been sliced in half. If you are a fan of rocks and spectacular geological rock formations, this hike is definitely one for you to add into your bucket list of hiking sites.






There are several ways to get to the top of Half Dome. Most people prefer to get there by hiking the 27-kilometres (17 miles) round trip from the valley or climbing the cable route to the top. The cable route is operational throughout the summer months. It usually opens in May and shuts in October, though those dates might change depending on weather and snowfall levels. While the cables are only 120 meters long (400 feet) and placed at an angle of no more than 45 degrees, you will feel that it feels almost vertical. Many say that it is arm strength that will get you to the summit instead of your leg strength. As summiting the Half Dome is becoming such a popular experience, the local national park has instituted a permit requirement for day hikers who want to climb the cables.





While Yosemite National Park is commonly linked to Half Dome, the Yosemite National Park is also home to many jaw-dropping flowing waterfalls. Bridalveil and Yosemite Falls (pictured above) are two of the most famous Yosemite waterfalls. However, there are at least 9 other waterfalls that you might want to check put when you visit the Yosemite National Park. You may view and locate the rest of the waterfalls through this link. The water flowing from these waterfalls are from melting snow from the winter and the spring rains hence it is only normal that the best time to visit these spectacular sites is in May.






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