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Diving Places - Malta - Europe

Malta, just on the south of Italy, has one of the most remarkable underwater topography in the northern hemisphere. There are caves, underwater arches, excellent visibility and a line-up of interesting aquatic creatures. If you are a fan of wreck diving, Malta has them! Described as a calm environment, the Maltese islands are known as to be a hot diving location for recreational divers!

What did you like about the dive?

I liked how calm and beautiful the spot was! The caves and underwater arches were so beautiful to look at, especially with the good visibility and pretty little fish that swam around as I dived.

What are the problems?

I wanted to explore every shipwreck down in the waters of Malta, but it was scattered and it would take more than a day to get to all of them! I only had a day of diving and I had to leave for other activities. I was sad that I could not experience all the shipwrecks in Malta, but if I had the opportunity to go again, I would!

What have you learned from the dive?

The waters can be cold. Get a thick dive suit and always be prepared for any situation on a dive.

What watch do you use for the dive?

I used the TWELF-X OCEAN 1908 DEEP WAVE - BLUE/S. STEEL (1003) watch. The watch features a 120-click unidirectional bezel to ensure that time is kept accurately. Most importantly, it is water resistant (20 ATM), so it could work under water!

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