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Diving Places - Malapascua - Philippines

Today, we are going to dive deep into Malapascua, in the Philippines! A tiny little island just off the shores of Cebu, Philippines. It is a world-famous spot for regular sightings of thresher sharks! Even without the thresher sharks, Malapascua as a whole has plenty to offer, which excites divers all around the world! There are more than 500 different species of corals and other large creatures such as manta and hammerheads are often spotted. Also, plenty of wrecks are waiting to be explored by inquisitive divers!

What did you like about the dive?

Malapascua is a simple village, you just emerge yourself with nature with the simple life that locals live and enjoy the dives. Seeing the thresher sharks was really a sight with fear and excitement all combined!

What were the problems?

The sea creatures can be overwhelming. Sometimes, a horde of them can come swimming towards the diving path, and block the divers' way and vision. Worse if it separates the dive team, but generally, it is safe.

What have you learned from the dive?

In diving, they teach you the importance of a dive buddy and this cannot be more prominent in the dive setting at Malapascua. While we divers may get excited due to many stimulants like corals, sea creatures and shipwrecks, it can be too distracting and result from separation from the group. So always look out for one another, stay alert and stay safe.

What watch do you use for the dive?

I use the TWELF-X OCEAN 1908 DEEP WAVE - GREEN/BRONZE (1007) watch. The watch features a 120-click unidirectional bezel to ensure that time is kept accurately. Most importantly, it is water resistant (20 ATM), so it could work under water! I love the bronze finish of the case that gives a nice rustic look

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