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Diving Places - Great Barrier Reef - Australia

Today, we are going to dive deep into the Great Barrier Reef, Australia! The Great Barrier Reef is spectacular and it gets better as you head north, away from tourist attractions like Cairns, to the Ribbon reefs around Lizard Island. This is due to the beautiful unspoiled reefs, that are cut off from human activity and only dive-able from a liveaboard. There are fish of all shapes and sizes congregating in mass. Many different species of sharks and whales are also present.

What did you like about the dive?

I love the privacy my dive team and I had. We spent about an hour diving. It was just us and the Great Barrier Reef! This was because not many boats could visit, so they were only a few dive teams that day, and we were separated far enough to not clash with one another.

What are the problems and how did you overcome them?

As much as I love diving, I am still afraid of big sea creatures like sharks or whales. When I see one, I tend to swim away, while my team members get closer to it. My team seemed to enjoy the dive more than I do because they were more comfortable with their surroundings. I overcame this fear by constantly telling myself that most of these sea creatures are not a threat to humans. Eventually, I enjoy the dive with the creatures.

What have you learned from the dive?

I learned that doing a lot of research before engaging in anything is key. I read up about Great Barrier Reef’s sharks and found out that the majority of them are not threatening to humans, with only the larger great whites and tiger sharks known to attack humans. Having such knowledge helped me to overcome my fear as mentioned. I think this applies to any situation where we have fears or doubts.

What watch do you use for the dive?

I use the TWELF-X OCEAN 1908 DEEP WAVE - GREEN/BRONZE (1007) watch. The watch features a 120-click unidirectional bezel to ensure that time is kept accurately. Most importantly, it is water resistant (20 ATM), so it could work under water!

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