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Diving Places - Galapagos - Ecuador

Today, we are going to dive deep into Galapagos, in Ecuador! The place served as an inspiration in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Galapagos Islands, about 900km off the Pacific coast of Ecuador, contains a huge collection of endemic species. A place where there are whale sharks, hammerheads, sea lions, penguins and marine iguanas! The isolated and protected location of the islands provide confidence for those seeking a diving place while providing a complete diving experience.

What did you like about the dive?

I loved witnessing the interesting endemic species that were only easily accessible there. I thoroughly enjoyed being up close with the marine creatures there.

What are the problems?

Well, getting there was not easy, and the exploration was best done from a liveaboards. Liveaboards are typically a small yacht with living facilities and usually includes full board meals. They range from super luxurious to simple facilities, all with the objective of travelling far out into the ocean so that you can get the best dives. It is every diver’s dream – eat, sleep, dive, repeat.

What have you learned from the dive?

I learnt that sometimes in life, challenging yourself to experience something new is always worth it! Some of the marine creatures were unique to only the Galapagos island, so going through the hassle of traveling to far was worth the experience!

What watch do you use for the dive?

I used the TWELF-X OCEAN 1908 DEEP WAVE - BLUE/S. STEEL (1003) watch. The watch features a 120-click unidirectional bezel to ensure that time is kept accurately. Most importantly, it is water resistant (20 ATM), so it could work under water!

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