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Design Process - Watch case

Our in-house designed watch case is one of the most important design elements of our TWELF-X timepiece. When buying a watch, many consumers place an importance on the movement of the watch but subconsciously, they also look at the appearance and feel of the watch case.

Sketch of in-house watch case of TWELF-X

(Sketch of in-house design of the TWELF-X watch case)



A good watch case is not only aesthetically pleasing, it has to be built well to protect the movement. We at TWELF-X always liken a watch case to a car body. The shape affects the design of how it looks was well as how well it protects the engine. Not all cases are created equal. Our watch case has been specially designed taking into consideration contemporary dive watch cases that have strong lines to make the watch look bold.


Sketch of TWELF-X case side profile

(Side shots of TWELF-X watch case to showcase the specially designed sloping step case back to make the watch look sleeker)


A typical structure of a 200 meters (656 feet) water resistant watch would be thick and bulky but at TWELF-X, we specially created a sloping step case back that makes the watch look sleeker. When we built the lugs, special consideration was taken on the structure and the dimension as we wanted a big watch that could sit well on everyone’s wrist.

Lastly, when building a good watch, always feel the angles to ensure it is smooth. We wanted to design stunning angles and bevels at the rights places of the TWELF-X case to create sleekness on touch and masculinity on sight. 


Side profile of TWELF-X watch for smooth angle

(Side shots of TWELF-X watch case to showcase the smooth and stunning angles and bevels of the case)