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Design Process- Dial and Fonts

TWELF-X fonts modified from CAPTURE IT fonts
(TWELF-X fonts modified from CAPTURE IT)
TWELF-X fonts on dial
(TWELF-X font on dial)

For centuries, much of the research and innovation brought about were driven by military needs. These technologies have since trickled down to civilian accessible equipment allowing us to explore the world more easily. This is why at TWELF-X, we wanted to remind ourselves of these inventions and modified the CAPTURE IT stencilled font designed by Magique Fonts.

Magique Fonts specialises in typography and notably, the CAPTURE IT font is a modern interpretation that has been used in posters of many block buster military themed movies such as The Expendables and A-Team. At TWELF-X, we modified the fonts on ‘6’ and ‘9’ to ensure clearer legibility at a quick glance. Coupled with the use of the lume, the glow in the dark feature on the hands and hour markers, legibility is ensured when you are out on your adventures!