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An Adventurer's Guide: Top 5 Water Sports in the Caribbean

1. Explore the coast of the Dominican Republic on Aquatic Riders


aquatic riders 




The island of the Dominican Republic has plenty of beaches and inland resorts for you to have fun and relax. But it’d be a missed opportunity to not try out one of the greatest adventures you'll have on the island. The Aquatic Riders Adventure will start you off at a quiet river with the serene mountainous background. But as you exit the mouth of the river, full freedom is given to the rider to go full speed, bouncing off the surface of the ocean. 


Explore the coast of the Dominican Republic with a great ride across the great wide ocean.


2. Snorkel the best of the Bahamas at Thunderball Grotto


snorkelling thunderball grotto 




The caves of the Thunderball Grotto are the sites of many great movies such as James Bond. Dive and explore the submerged holes of this hollow island as you are treated to the views of spectacular caverns and stunning underwater caves. Best of all, the waters are a clear crystal blue, allowing you to catch sight of any wildlife that you may encounter along the way. Finish off your snorkelling adventure by taking a deep dive to see the colourful fish swim about the coral reefs.


If you’re looking to explore a famous underwater paradise, be sure to take a dive in the Thunderball Grotto at the Bahamas.


3. Swim with the Nurse Sharks at Shark Ray Alley, Belize


shark ray alley belize 




With warm weather and crystal clear waters, Belize is as good a place as any in the Caribbean for a snorkelling or scuba diving adventure. However, the real gem would definitely be Shark Ray Alley which is infested with harmless sharks and rays for visitors to swim alongside with. The sharks and rays are bottom feeders that have gathered overtime due to local fishermen cleaning their catches in the area. As the years went by, the fishermen got dive masters to come along as they fed the sharks, turning it into a tourist attraction. The sharks in general seem to like human interaction or at least are completely unfazed by it, allowing divers to play with them to their heart's content!


If you fancy yourself a daredevil who is even willing to swim with sharks, be sure to check out Shark Ray Alley in Belize.


4. Go kite surfing at the shallow beaches of the Aruba


kitesurfing aruba 




A popular spot for all kinds of beach activities and lovers, the shallow waters are great for swimming and a variety of other activities. The most popular of which is definitely kitesurfing. With a near endless supply of beach to explore, one could even go out on an adventure and encircle the entire island on their sailboat. The circumference of the island is at least 80 kilometres however so you’d best be prepared for a workout should you set that challenge for yourself. 


With the entire island dotted with beaches and bays, the whole island of Aruba is your playground regardless of your activity of choice.


5. Try out power snorkelling in the Grand Turk


power snorkelling the grand turk the wall dropoff 




The beautiful curacao blue waters of the Caribbean are perfect for any snorkelling or scuba diving adventure. So why not turn it up a notch with power snorkelling in the island of Grand Turk. Using the propulsion device, soar through the waters of the Caribbean underwater wonderland before you encounter the jaw dropping 7000-foot drop off the continental shelf. The scary drop off where the continental shelf yields to the open ocean has been dubbed “the Wall”, and you’d best be prepared for it lest you get the scare of your life.


With one of the most unique sights you’ll experience, cruise through the waters of the Grand Turk and experience “the Wall” for yourself!

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