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An Adventurer’s Guide: Top 5 Water Sports in the United Kingdom

1. Lean against the winds with Dinghy Sailing at Hayling Island


Dinghy sailing at hayling's island 




Sheltered by the Isle of Wight and a little further up the English Channel from Brighton, Hayling Island offers a wide array of watersports from the typical windsurfing and kitesurfing to more unique ones such as dinghy surfing. Head out to sea on a tiny dinghy which challenges you to battle both the waves and winds by leaning in the opposite direction. During strong winds, surfers could lean as close as the water’s surface to keep balance.


Hayling Island has a variety of activities for you regardless of your age or ability. However, be sure to check out dinghy sailing if you’re looking for a truly challenging and memorable experience.


2. Surf man-made waves amid beautiful mountain scenery at Adventure Parc Snowdonia


 surf man made waves at adventure parc snowdonia




As the world’s first inland surf lagoon, Adventure Parc Snowdonia is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Located right in the heart of North Wales, enjoy your guaranteed surfable waves in the middle of the pristine mountains and forests of the surrounding national parks and nature reserves. There are plenty of lessons for other activities such as stand up paddle boarding as well if you fancy learning other new watersports.


Surf like a pro with guaranteed surfable waves at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. 


3. Traverse extreme coastlines with Coasteering at Newquay Activity Centre


newquay coasteering 




Located at craggy and rugged Cornwall, Newquay Activity Centre is well versed in helping you enjoy the watersport of your choice. And choice there is. From coasteering to stand up paddle boating and snorkelling, Newquay has a huge selection of watersports for you to choose from. However, Coasteering is a definite must for anyone looking for an experience truly unique to Cornwall. From steep cliffs to craggy gulleys, the different coasteering packages offered will bring you across the serene nature that Cornwall has to offer.


If you’re looking for a physical challenge traversing the steep coasts of Cornwall, be sure to check out Newquay Activity Centre.


4. Jet ski the Brighton Marina from Hove Lagoon


jetski brighton marina 




At opposite ends of the famous beach, Brighton Marina is a busy yacht harbour and chic shopping hub with fashion boutiques, galleries, and craft shops. The terraces of the marina overlook the water where sailboats moor the quay. Hove Lagoon one the other hand is one of the country’s premier watersports centres featuring a variety of watersports from windsurfing to kayaking. However, the definite crown jewel is to rent a Jet Ski and head on an adventure amidst the blue waters of the English Channel. 


If you’re looking for a high-speed adventure with some water to splash, be sure to check out the Brighton Marina and Hove Lagoon.


5. Go Cable Wakeboarding at Foxlake Dundee


cable wakeboarding foxlake dundee




As the world’s fastest growing watersport, cable wakeboarding is sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you are pulled over the surface of the lake to simulate surfing. Be it beginner or experienced at watersports, there are no requirements for you to enjoy cable wakeboarding. Not to mention the multiple different staff that are happy to give you tips on what to try out and how best to enjoy your time at Foxlake Dundee. Best of all, Foxlake has a money back guarantee that if you don’t feel that you fully got most of what cable wakeboarding has to offer, the first time’s completely free! 


If you are a beginner surfer looking to try out surfing without the hassle of waiting for good weather, be sure to check out cable wakeboarding at Foxlake Dundee.

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