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An Adventurer’s Guide: Top 5 Water Sports in the Mediterranean

1. Take a calming trip Canoeing & Kayaking across the Adriatic Sea


kayaking the Mediterranean sea 




Though less strenuous and thrilling than other water sports, going kayaking or canoeing can also be plenty enjoyable given the right conditions. Traversing serene waters solo on a kayak is sure to have a calming effect and help you take your mind off of things. Best of all, it’s cheap and requires no experience! That means whenever you fancy a getaway you can simply rent a kayak and head out to sea.


What better place to relax and unwind than at one of the best canoe and kayak locations in the world, the Adriatic Sea. Between the stunning ancient harbours of Croatia and the remarkable coastlines of Montenegro, kayakers are sure to be entranced by the beauty of the surrounding areas.


If you’re looking for an activity to both explore and unwind, be sure to try out kayaking at the Adriatic Sea.


2. Adopt a new hobby with stand up paddle boarding in Italy


 stand up paddle boarding Mediterranean




If the rush of traditional surfing isn’t to your fancy, you can try stand up paddle boarding which doesn’t require good waves to be enjoyable. Though tricky to get the hang of keeping your balance at the start, you’re all set once you get the hang of it. As a delicate mix of kayaking and surfing, you’ll have plenty of fun trying to keep your balance while paddling the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.


Should you decide to try out the sport, Italy is a definite gem for first timers. The friendly atmosphere and bewildering landscape of Italy is sure to be absolutely charming as you try your best to avoid repeatedly falling off the stand-up paddle board.


If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing yet challenging activity, be sure to try out stand up paddle boarding in the waters of Italy


3. Scuba dive the underwater treasure trove of Sardinia


scuba diving sardinia




Deep within the waters of the Mediterranean are bountiful sites of shipwrecks, coral reefs and underwater caves. Though requiring you to take a course to be certified beforehand, the effort is definitely worth the payoff as you’ll get the freedom to explore the many outstanding sites hidden beneath the calm of the Mediterranean Sea.


As the second largest island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is a must try for any scuba diving enthusiast. Its Grotta Del Nereo is the largest underwater cave within the Mediterranean, allowing for plenty of exploration through its winding series of caves and tunnels. And though less popular, plenty of shipwrecks from World War 2 are also within the area to explore!


Trying out a new sport is sure to be daunting but learning scuba diving is definitely worth the unforgettable experiences.


4. Try out fly boarding anywhere in the Mediterranean


 flyboarding mediterranean


Image: Angelikagub, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


While more of an extreme water sport, the thrill of fly boarding is definitely one for the bucket list. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you are shot 12 metres into the air on a platform supported by a water hose. Best of all, there are no special conditions required for fly boarding except for the standing good weather, meaning you can try this out nearly anywhere on your trip to the Mediterranean.


For thrill-seekers who like living their life on edge, be sure to try out fly boarding for exclusive bragging rights back home


5. Kitesurfing the beautiful islands of Malta & Gozo


 kitesurfing malta and gozo


Image: Frank Vincentz, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


As kitesurfing increases in popularity year by year, so does the ease of access to newcomers. Touted as the perfect water sport, it combines elements of traditional surfing with the rush of wake surfing. However, instead of being pulled by a speed boat, a kite harnesses the power of the wind to gather speed and perform airborne tricks.


Both the beautiful island of Malta and its sister island of Gozo are perfect candidates for a kitesurfing adventure. On windy days, the kite is specifically designed to catch plenty of wind that can allow you to even rival the speeds of water-skiing behind a powerboat.


The islands of Malta and Gozo is an unquestionable must for anyone looking to sate their craving for high speed thrills.




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