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An Adventurer’s Guide: Top 5 Water Sports in New Zealand

1. Get your adrenaline pumping by white water rafting down Skippers canyon


 white water rafting new zealand




Queenstown is well known as the adventure capital of New Zealand and not without good reason. It is a bustling resort full of almost every kind of extreme sport activity you can think of. From canyon swings to zip lines and bungee jumping, if you can think it, Queenstown has got it. Our recommendation for a must try in the area though has definitely got to go to the local waterways where you can ride the crashing waters of Skippers canyon on a canoe or raft. There are plenty of other water sports you can try out but the thrilling rush of barrelling down the gorge of Skippers canyon on a tiny raft definitely takes the cake. 


For the thrill seekers, be sure to ride the dangerous gorge of Skippers Canyon on an inflatable raft today!


2. Parasailing across the expansive waters of Lake Taupo


parasailing lake taupo 




If you’re just starting out your journey on the North Island, be sure to check out Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake by surface area, the possibilities are limitless for water sport activities here. The area also contains the Huka Falls and the Aratiatia rapids which are some of the favoured spots for jet boating among locals. However, our recommendation is definitely to try out the parasailing or jet skiing in the area. With such a large body of water, it would be a shame to not experience the freedom of parasailing across it.


For wide open spaces within New Zealand’s largest lake, be sure to check out the water sporting activities Lake Taupo has to offer!


3. Take your time exploring and Kayaking the seas of Auckland


sea kayaking auckland new zealand 




With a thin body of land separating the two bodies of ocean on both sides, Auckland is affectionately known by locals as the City of Sails. Sailing is a popular sport here for both locals and visitors seeking new adventure alike. With a wide range of sailing vessels docked throughout the pristine harbours of the city, it’s hard to not want to just rent a boat and head out to sea. Though sailing is the main focus here in Auckland, be sure to check out the other activities it has to offer! Sea Kayaking is a particularly popular one as it allows kayakers to slowly explore the wide open waters and nearby islands.


If you’re looking to explore the Islands of Auckland at your own pace, be sure to pick up a kayak and head out to sea!


4. Take a scuba dive and experience the crystal blue waters of Tutukaka Coast



scuba diving tutukaka coast




Not far up north from Auckland, Tutukaka coast also has a variety of water sports to offer. The harbour and marina have amazing conditions for fishing while the variety of beaches make the area great for surfing as well. However, the true gem of the region lies a few miles of the coast. If you truly want to experience what Tutukaka Coast has to offer, a boat to the Poor Knights Island is a definite must. A prominent spot among locals, this marine reserve is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkelling. With its clear blue waters and stunning rock formations, Tutukaka Coast is a prime candidate to take a dive to enjoy the local aquatic life.


If you fancy a well preserved island with crystal clear waters, perfect for diving, be sure to check out Tutukaka Coast and Poor Knights Island.


5. Surf, windsurf and kite surf the beaches of Raglan


 surfing raglan




The coastal town of Raglan is probably one of the most well established surf spots in New Zealand. The deep stretch of Manu Bay allows for long breaks of waves, attracting even the most experienced of surfers during the prime summer months. The black sand beach of Ngarunui is also a popular site for windsurfing and kite surfing. There’s plenty of other water sports to try out down at Raglan Wharf too after you’ve spent far too much time trying the different variations of surfing.


For a true surfing experience be sure to visit Raglan during the summer months where the waves are high and the weather clear!




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