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Adventure shows that shape our lives and inspire TWELF-X watches - Jurassic Park

With a keen sense of smell, the velociraptors hunted and chased down the children. The children were in a sticky situation as the velociraptors lingered in spitting distance. Racking their heads for a solution, they split up and hid separately. With lady luck on their side, they managed to evade velociraptors and lived to see another day.

This was arguably the most realistic scene in the famous Jurassic park film. There was never a shortage of adventure and action in the film. Despite being filmed in 1993, the dinosaurs looked realistic and is a true to life representation.

Watching the movie, I could not help but wonder what watch would survive in those conditions. If I was asked right now, my answer would be TWELF-X! With a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and stainless-steel casing, TWELF-X watches are made to withstand against the elements. The silicone straps sits nicely on the wrist which does not hinder the user while running. A watch I would recommend would be the TWELF-X Ocean 1009. The 200 metres water resistance would be a great protection against the heavy rains that are as portrayed in the films. Furthermore, the brown bronze colourway greatly resembles dinosaurs.

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