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Adventure shows that shape our lives and inspire TWELF-X watches - Jumanji

As Doctor Bravestone trudged through the dark jungle, he could not help but wonder what time and day it was back in the real word. The swampy and treacherous jungle posed numerous threats. After all, the jungle is a tough environment with many lurking dangers. He fought his way through the dense jungle to a clearing to see the sun. He then took out his trusty compass, got his bearings and remembered what Nigel The Game Guide said, “The fate of Jumanji is in your hands”. With this quote etched in his mind, Doctor Bravestone lead his team on a rescue mission for Jumanji.

This was a scene in the 2017 American movie franchise, Jumanji. Upon watching this movie, I was deeply inspired and touched by the determination and boldness that was exhibited in the entire movie. The TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave watch collection strangely reminds me of the movie. With a simple yet bold design, the watch stands out on its own. My go-to watch would be the Ocean 1908 Deep Wave Black/Gunmetal timepiece. The understated black colour makes it perfect for a rescue mission. As a timepiece, TWELF-X acts like a reminder for me to be daring and adventurous. The versatile self-release straps give me plenty of strap choices on the go. Looking for something dressy? Slap on a leather strap. The duality of TWELF-X timepieces, with it being both stylish and adventurous is only the icing on the cake. To find out more about our watches, click here:        


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