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Adventure shows that shape our lives and inspire TWELF-X watches - Indiana Jones

The man is fighting his way through a crowd of enemies.  With only his fist, he was at a disadvantage against the sword wielding crowd. Huffing and puffing his way through, he finally reached his goal; his lady. Safe-guarding the lady was the Chief, who pointed a sword in the direction of the man. With a disappointed look on his face, the man whipped out his pistol and shot the Chief in the head.

 The man is none other than Indiana Jones.

From flying planes, fighting enemies to saving the world, there is never a shortage of action and adventure when Indiana Jones is around. Indiana Jones has fallen from cliffs and took part in hand to hand combat.  No doubt, the watch that best suits Indiana Jones would be TWELF-X. The self-release spring bar watches from TWLEF-X sits nicely on the wrist and does not interfere with the user movements while the stainless steel case and scratch resistant sapphire crystal makes TWELF-X timepieces practically indestructible. It is safe to say that if Indiana Jones had a watch, it would have been TWELF-X as our timepieces is made for adventure and is truly suited for the adventurous or anyone that was inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise.

For all adventurers, take a TWELF-X along with you for all your adventures. Be it the Ocean or Sky series, our timepieces are created with functionality in mind. Throughout your adventures, TWELF-X timepieces will not even bring an ounce of inconvenience. While designing TWELF-X timepieces, it was important that the watch not only remained functional for adventures, but the aesthetic designs of the watch captured that outdoor spirit. In our TWELF-X watches, we have used a specially modified CAPTURE IT typography that is commonly found in movies about adventures.