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A Backpacker’s Guide: Must do things in Canada

Looking for a journey of a lifetime? Canada has got you covered!


1. Visit the Iconic Niagara Falls of Ontario


niagara falls aerial view 




Niagara Falls is home to one of the most iconic waterfalls in the world and spans the border between Ontario, Canada and New York in the United States. The area around the three waterfalls is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes that have been prized and protected for decades. Featuring a vast network of walking trails and islands in the surrounding area, there are a variety of trails here for all different hiking expertise levels.


canadian niagara falls, horseshoe falls 




Our recommendation for hikers would be to try your hand at some of the hiking trails at whirlpool state park which overlooks the Niagara Whirlpool and gorge. The hikes range anywhere from a breezy 1km to an intermediate level of 8km and should be a must try for any hiker before heading down to the main attraction of horseshoe falls. You could also opt to get in closer to the action and take your hike at Goat Island which is basically right next to the waterfall. There are plenty of family-friendly trails there so feel free to bring family along.


The rushing rapids of the Niagara Falls is truly and sight to behold for any traveler, but be sure to try out the many hikes and trails in the surrounding areas as well!


2. Go skiing down snow-capped mountains at Whistler Blackcomb


whistler blackcomb mountain ski trails overview




As one of the biggest ski resorts in North America, Whistler Blackcomb has plenty of snow-covered slopes and trails for skiing enthusiasts to partake in. There’s plenty of shops and things to do in Whistler Village down below and plenty of lifts to transport you across the mountain. Best of all, the architecture and design of the village down below can only be described as a winter wonderland from fantasy.


whistler blackcomb skiing downhill 




Our recommendations for beginners is to book a private snowboarding lesson for yourself or together with your friends. A private instructor will go through the basics of snowboarding while showing you more that the snow-covered mountain has to offer. However, for more experienced skiers, the heli skiing and snowboarding tour might be to your liking as it opens up the whole mountain for you to experience.


Be it looking for a charming resort to relax at, looking to try a new outdoor hobby or simply looking for a challenging ski adventure, Whistler Blackcomb has all that and more to offer you!


3. Camp at the beautiful nature of Banff National Park


banff national park lake overview 




Featuring kilometers of challenging rocky terrain, dense conifer forests and dotted with pristine lakes, Canada’s oldest national park is sure to have plenty to offer the prospecting adventurer or hiker. The towering Mount Norquay looms over the national park and has plenty of skiing opportunities if Blackcomb wasn’t to your fancy. Lake Minewanka also sits at the corner from the range of mountains to frame the scenery perfectly.


castle mountain banff national park 




Our recommendation for adventurers is to get the hop-on bus pass and find a hiking trail to commit to. With such a large landscape to traverse, it would be wise to pick and choose the areas you want to visit and the areas you actually want to traverse to prevent regrets. The Castle Junction area is definitely one place to look at for great hiking scenery but there are plenty others for you to pick from, so get a map and start planning!


With so much land, it may be hard for travelers to pick where it is they wish to traverse, but with the absolute beauty of the surrounding area we can say it’s definitely worth a hike!


4. Unwind and take a cross country road trip across Canada


road trip past the canadian rockies 




From the famous city of Montreal in the eastern front to the Western coast of Vancouver, Canada has a variety of natural scenery and beautiful architecture for travelers to experience on their journey. The over 4 thousand kilometers of distance between the two cities may at first seem a daunting task at first glance, but between the cobblestone paths of Montreal, craggy beauty of Thunder Bay and the scenic final stretch of Kelowna, Canada has an unlimited supply of sights to offer you from coast to coast.


canadian architecture 




Our recommendation is to start out at either Montreal or Quebec and make your way down to Toronto which will bring you past the amazing sights of the rivers that lead to Lake Toronto. After which you’ll follow the highway past the huge Lake Huron and Lake Superior to Thunder Bay. Ideally you’ll not have given up yet because Canada still has so much to offer. Winnipeg is next with its freezing cold temperatures and plethora of different food cuisines. Following the highway through the charming city of Calgary will bring you past the mentioned scenic town of Kelowna and end you right at Vancouver. 


The journey will bring you past a variety of different architectures, rivers, lakes and people and is a definite must have for any around the world bucket list!


5. Hike across the great Canadian Prairies of Grasslands National Park


grasslands national park sunset overview 




Covered by rugged routes and temperate trails, a map is a definite must for any adventure here. Known for its massive open skies, any photographer worth their salt is sure to have a whale of a time at this Canadian Prairie. The steep uphill climbs, panoramic views and multitude of wildlife to discover is sure to craft the perfect experience for any hiker looking for the perfect experience.


grasslands national park prairie dogs 




There are plenty of trails past the wide open land of the Grasslands National Park to choose from. Our recommendation for all would be the 70 mile Butte. Don’t be fooled by the short 4.1 kilometers, this trail is a steep climb and will be a challenge to one of the highest points of the Grasslands National Park. However, the sights at the end of it will definitely be well worth the effort. Hiking at sunrise or sunset would also allow for hikers to enjoy the beautiful sunrise across the expansive landscape of the West Block.


Be it for beginners or experienced hikers, the Prairies of the Grasslands National Park has a perfect challenge for all hiking experience levels!


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