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A Backpacker’s Guide: Must do things in Australia

Looking for an adventure you’ll remember for years to come? Try Australia!


1. Go cross country on the luxury train, The Ghan.


the ghan crossing the australian landscape 




With over 90 years of experience in outback crossings, this legendary Australian train evokes a frontier spirit in you as you travel across the different landscapes that Australia has to offer. From the coast of Adelaide to the tip of which is Darwin, sumptuous meals and elegant private cabins will be your accompaniment on your journey.


the ghan's train track among the gorges 




Starting off at Adelaide will be your best starting point with its stylish architecture and sandy beaches. Being a small town off the southern coast of Australia, starting from here will bring you past the many different landscapes that Australia has to offer and allows you to see the different rivers that lead out into the ocean. Alice Springs is another notable point on your journey with its cavernous gorges and expansive desert landscape. Feel free to hop off and take a hike of the beautiful surrounding area before continuing your journey.


Buying a long-distance train pass is definitely recommended if you want to see all that Australia has to offer at your own pace!


2. Unlock your inner Christopher Columbus and go island hopping the Whitsundays


whitsunday islands sky view 




With its deep blue waters, sand as fine as caster sugar and luxury wooden huts dotted everywhere, Whitsundays, Australia is a definite gem when it comes to island hopping. From swimming with rainbow-coloured fish to sailing the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays have a perfect blend of views, activities and relaxation to offer any traveler.


hamilton island sky view




We recommend starting off at Hamilton Island with it being the most populated out of the bunch, it has a bunch of activities to offer from snorkeling to kayaking and jet skiing. Continue your journey at Whitehaven beach, often touted as the most beautiful beach in the world due to its turquoise blue waters and blindingly white sand. The Great Barrier Reef is just off the coast of the Whitsunday islands, so taking a dive or going for a snorkel at one of the most beautiful sites in the world is a definite must try. Lastly go bareboating around the islands as you soak in the just absolute beauty of the Whitsunday Islands. 


From white sandy beaches to colourful corals, the Whitsunday Islands have so much to offer the adventurous traveler and more.


3. Hike the pristinely preserved Lord Howe Island


lord howe island overview 




Time to plug out with our next recommendation, you won’t see any power lines here at Lord Howe Island. But put your phone down and what awaits you are lush mountains and stunning rock formations that can only be described as a natural paradise. Be it on land or at sea, the small Lord Howe Island has a plethora of things to do rather than simply sightseeing.


hiking lord howe island




If you fancy a short hike, Malabar Hill is just a short half hour away from the trailhead and is a perfect destination for sunrise and sunset viewing. Kim’s lookout is also an option for those looking for a longer journey and will take you past stunning views and steep hills. If you prefer staying by the ocean, there are plenty of sea caves and arches for you to visit and explore. However, if you’re feeling tired of land activities, there are plenty of things to do out at sea as well. Snorkel through coral reefs and you might even catch a glimpse of a few sea turtles or you could set out to sea entirely and kayak your way to Rabbit Island.


Don’t miss out on the abundance of sights and things to do at the Lord Howe Islands, so take the short flight down from Sydney now!


4. Camp and dine under the stars of the Uluru monolith


uluru monolith aerial view


Image Credit: Corey Leopold/Wikimedia


Better known as the Ayers rock, monoliths like this are solitary mountains that are usually remnants of highlands and formed through erosion. Due to its high iron content, the Uluru Monolith takes on a strikingly red hue that separates it from its landscape. However, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s the only notable landmark in the surrounding region! The Uluru monolith has plenty of sights for the discerning traveler to discover should they wish to take the 2km hike to its base.


uluru monolith sounds of silence dining




There are also plenty of spots for you to dine under the stars near the presence of this daunting monolith. And due to its distance away from civilization, there’s nearly no light pollution, allowing you to view the Milky Way galaxy in all its majesty.


If you fancy a relaxing night out under the beautiful stars and an overlooking monolith, be sure to visit the Uluru monolith!


5. Experience the plethora of outdoor activities at the Blue Mountains


 blue mountains lookout




Hiking through this pristine mountain range will take you past vast forests, ancient cave formations and striking mountains and hills. A must go for any hiking enthusiast, the Blue Mountains have many points of interest and lookouts for hikers of all experience levels to enjoy. The variety of trails will take you past plenty of beautiful scenery from the waterfalls Wentworth Falls, to the peaks of Pulpit Rock Lookout.


blue mountains grand canyon walking track 




Our recommendation for anyone seeking to explore the area would definitely be the Grand Canyon Walk to start it off. It’ll take you past plenty of lush scenery and top off at about 2 and a half hours to complete the circuit. For more adventurous hikers, one could try their hand at the Six Foot Track at Kanangra-Boyd National Park. This challenging 3-day hike will take you past cascading waterfalls and wild rivers, so be prepared for a long journey!


If you’re looking for swathes of nature to explore, be sure to visit the Blue Mountains region with its many hiking trails!


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